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What is a Candied Jalapeno?

Well, it’s a hit of sweetness followed by the perfect amount of heat on the back end. Our Candied Jalapenos will melt in your mouth then leave you with a tinge of heat. Sweet, then heat! It’s a perfect combination of two of humanity’s favourite flavours!

Our Sweet Heat is perfect for anyone, even if you’re not normally a ‘hot” person. For the more adventurous eaters out there, our Blazin’ Sweet offers the same sweet taste with a slightly bigger kick on the finish.

Candied Jalapenos are a staple in the Southern States, they have been brought to Canada by Scott and Roger. As foodies, friends and neighbors, Scott and Roger would often travel extensively in their respective fields, often bringing foods from around the world for the other to try! Upon trying candied jalapenos for the first time, and realizing that there was very limited available, they immediately knew they had to share this amazing and versatile food with everyone!  

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